Rikspolisstyrelsen (the National Police) apologizes

The Police finally answered. They answered with the 2012 annual report of the use of certain secret coercive (2012 årliga rapport om användningen av vissa hemliga tvångsmedel). The report is produced together with the Åklagarmyndigheten (Prosecutor’s Office), Ekobrottsmyndigheten (Economic Crimes Bureau), Rikspolisstyrelsen (the National Police) and Tullverket (Customs). The Rikspolisstyrelse och Tullverket joint activities in the field are summarized in an appendix. With the answer comes an admission that the reading/treatment of the requests “went wrong” and that they “regret the delay.”

The appendix states that due to the fact that regulations authorizing the police to make such requests had only been in place for six months at the time of the report, they had insufficient data to properly assess the results. They had, however, made a bit over 300 different requests of user data during that time period.

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